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  • SP-5500TP

    With increasingly sophisticated machine performance; production management and predictive maintenance utilizing operation data; and the growing popularity of the cloud, big data is coming to the manufacturing shop floor.

    With the SP5000 Enhanced HMI, Pro-face has realized unprecedented connectivity in an HMI, creating a new interface designed firmly with the future in mind. The SP5000 series allows a huge variety of data to be downloaded to HMI and transmitted in an optimal format to multiple locations.

    This "Smart Portal" connects information and people for optimal communication.

  • 0102_gp4000_image_08_e_2

    Best in Class Connectivity, Powerful HMI Functionality and Full Compatibility with Pro-face GP-Pro EX 3.0 and GP-4000 products and projects.

  • GP4100 Series

    The Pro-face GP4100 Series compact operator interface offers a crisp, clear and bright, color LCD Display with an Analog Touch Panel for improved visibility and precise part placement. This compact HMI comes with Ethernet or Serial Port options. Easy migration from the monochrome version using a panel adaptor.

  • LT4301M

    The LT4000 Series HMI offers 3.5" and 5.7" LED backlit LCD Displays. Display and Communication modules can be separated for quick mounting into a standard 22mm hole without the need to create a larger panel cutout. It offers a full graphics touch screen interface with a selection of serial or Ethernet connectivity. These models are programmed with the versatile GP-Pro EX development software.

  • GP4000H

    The Pro-face hand held operator interface offers multiple models to meet the needs of your application. The Handheld product line offers extensive, built-in, time-saving features that help customers develop fast, consistent, standardized graphical interfaces plus flexibility of location. These 5.7” tethered units have up to 10m cables for freedom of movement and offer a built-in emergency stop and key enable switch. Add single platform data management and control with GP-Pro Ex and Pro-Server EX software to complete the winning combination.

  • EZSeries_family

    Pro-face EZ Series USB Solutions provide extensive options to enhance your Pro-face HMI. With four items to choose from, you can increase security and functionality with a quick USB connection and simple programming with GP-Pro EX software. The EZ Tower Light and EZ Illuminated Switch can be programmed to provide alerts when equipment isn’t running properly, so maintenance can quickly respond to any issues. The EZ Fingerprint Reader and EX Numpad can be programmed to allow access via a secure fingerprint or passcode recording access and changes to equipment functions.

    All items are installed via a USB connection making them versatile and easy to manage.

  • SP-5490WA-eXtreme-Display
  • ST6000-Series---4-Basic-HMI-Display-Unit
  • STW6000-Series---4-Web-HMI-Display-Unit
  • GP4G01 Pro-face IoT Gateway 

    Pro-face IoT Gateway, GP4G01, relays data communication between the HMI and the PLC. No ports and no program changes are required, and it retains communication of the connected devices even when Pro-face IoT Gateway is powered off.